Have fun. Teach your chickens tricks.

Which Trick Should You Teach Your Chicken First?

It is much easier to build on behaviors that your chicken already does rather than trying to teach them something completely new. Watch your chicken over the next few days and see if there is anything they do that might form the beginning of a new trick. For example, Dancer loves to scratch. So it […]

Training More Than One Chicken

When you first start training your chickens, it is best to train just ONE at a time. They will all want to get involved, and it can be confusing for the chickens, and you, to try and train several chickens together. It is better to start by training each chicken separately to do the trick […]

Teaching Your Chicken To Learn

It’s easy to teach a chicken one or two simple tricks. Just hold a treat in front of your chicken, then move it to another position. This action will tempt most chickens to follow the treat up onto a box or through a hoop. This training technique is called ‘luring.’ But your chicken isn’t thinking […]

Chicken Training Camp

I had heard that one of America’s top animal trainers, Bob Bailey, believes that “when you can train a chicken, you can train just about anything,” so I headed off to a ‘Chicken Training Camp’ with Terry Ryan. The workshop brought together a group of dog and horse trainers wanting to improve their training skills. […]