Have fun. Teach your chickens tricks.

Which Trick Should You Teach Your Chicken First?

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It is much easier to build on behaviors that your chicken already does rather than trying to teach them something completely new.

Watch your chicken over the next few days and see if there is anything they do that might form the beginning of a new trick.

For example, Dancer loves to scratch. So it was easy to turn her scratching into a dance (hence her name).

Gerdy loves to peck things, so I’m teaching her to peck a bell. Later on, we will work on playing (pecking) a toy piano and other pecking tricks.


Toy Piano


Peepy is a fantastic flyer. She loves flying up on things. So I started by teaching her to fly to my knee while sitting down. I then taught her to fly to my arm.


Chicken fly to me


Most chickens have their favorite things to do, and it’s easier to use these as a starting point for tricks because your chicken will already be keen to do it.

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