Have fun. Teach your chickens tricks.

About Us

The Chicken Tricks Team consists of 4 talented chickens (Gerdy, Peepy, Jazz and Dancer) and their human caretaker (Jain).


Pekin bantam hen
She's fluffy and cute.  She's only little but she has a BIG personality! She is very inquisitive and always wants to be where the action is.


Japanese bantam hen
A little sweetheart. A bit of a worrier but super smart. She's always watching Jain to see if there is something she needs to do.


Silver Spangled Hamburg hen
She's smart and learns quickly but can be a little bit skittish. When introducing new things it has to be done slowly.


Australorp hen
Not much worries Dancer. She has an even temperament. She is an older chicken who is just starting to learn tricks. Dancer proves that you can teach an old chicken new tricks!


Australian female
Jain has always had chickens (and loved them) but never trained them except to come when called. For most of her life, she has trained horses for a living using reward-based methods. A few years ago, she decided to try the same method with her chickens. Wow! She discovered that her little feathered friends learned just as fast as horses and dogs! She now spends most days finding out what it's possible to teach a chicken. And most days, she is amazed!