Discover the fun way to teach your chickens tricks!


  • Step-by-step training and online videos
  • Guidance from experienced chicken trick trainer
  • Support in friendly members-only online community
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How does this work?

  • Sign up for the Challenge
  • Join the friendly, fun, members-only Facebook group
  • Log in to the online step-by-step chicken trick training course
  • Learn the steps to teach your chicken simple tricks
  • Ask questions and share your progress in the group
  • Upload a video of your chicken doing 2 tricks from the course
  • Earn the title of ‘Novice Chicken Trick Trainer’

Why are there only 10 spots available?

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Hi, I’m Jain.

I’ve been running a very successful trick training course for horses for the last 10 years. We have over 600 members.

I recently created a course for trick training chickens.

I’m looking for 10 people to go through this new course, ask questions and give feedback so I can be sure they have everything they need to teach their chickens tricks.

I use reward-based training, so the course is lots of fun for chickens and people.

The online course has about 25 lessons (including videos) that will show you step-by-step how to teach your chickens simple tricks.

You can then use the same method to teach your chickens just about anything. They are SO smart and it is amazing what they can learn to do!

For 30 days, I will also be in a private Facebook group for the Challenge, answering any questions members have.

To complete the Challenge just send me a video of your chicken doing a trick you learn in the course. You will then be awarded the title of ‘Novice Chicken Trick Trainer’ and receive a certificate. Woo hoo!

The Novice Chicken Trick Trainer course is just one payment of US$27 for lifetime access. You will also receive a discount on the Intermediate and Advanced Chicken Trick Trainer courses coming soon.

Once the courses are released to the general public, they will cost a lot more, so it is an excellent time to get in.

What do you get?

Everything is online.  No travel required.

You get instant access to the online training course and the friendly, fun community.​ Plus a certificate if you complete the Challenge.

You and your chickens can participate from anywhere, at any time. 

1. Online Training Course - The Chicken Tricks Academy

As soon as you join, you get instant, lifetime access to a private, members-only website. 

Inside you will discover step-by-step training videos and printable guides designed to get you started straight away!

You can watch the videos on your computer, tablet or phone.

The training is designed for novice/beginner trainers.  You will learn how to start teaching your chickens tricks from the very beginning.

2. Members-only community

You will also get access to the supportive and very friendly Chicken Tricks Challenge private, members-only Facebook group for 30 days.

This is a fun place where you can…

  • Ask questions about anything
  • Get support from an experienced chicken trick trainer
  • Share your progress and videos
  • Get positive feedback on your training
  • Connect with other like-minded people


3. Official Title of 'Novice Chicken Trick Trainer'

(If you complete the Challenge)

Complete the Challenge by sending me a video of your chicken doing 2 of the tricks you learn in the course. You will then be awarded the title of ‘Novice Chicken Trick Trainer’ and receive (by email) a certificate. Woo hoo!

About the Chicken Tricks Team...

The Chicken Tricks Team consists of 3 talented chickens (Gerdy, Peepy and Dancer) and their human caretaker (Jain).


Pekin bantam hen.

She’s fluffy and cute. She’s only little but she has a BIG personality!

She is very inquisitive and always wants to be where the action is.


Japanese bantam hen.

A little sweetheart. A bit of a worrier but super smart.

She’s always watching Jain to see if there is something she needs to do.


Australorp hen. 

Not much worries Dancer. She has an even temperament.

She is an older chicken who is just starting to learn tricks. She proves that you can teach an old chicken new tricks!


chicken training


Australian female.

Jain has always had chickens (and loved them) but never trained them except to come when called.

For most of her life, she has trained horses for a living using reward-based methods. A few years ago she decided to try the same method with her chickens.

Wow! She discovered that her little feathered friends learned just as fast as horses and dogs!
She now spends most days finding out what it’s possible to teach a chicken. And most days, she is amazed!

Why is the Chicken Tricks Academy different?

The Chicken Tricks Academy isn't the usual standard training course and community...

New style of training

We use a new and unique training method. We combine fun and reward-based training to create a program that you and your chickens will really enjoy. You will find that your chickens will become super keen to learn and work with you.

Training is 100% chicken friendly

We use NO force or punishment. Our training uses only positive and kind methods.

Fun, fun, fun!

We make sure that you and your chickens are having lots of fun in the Academy.  We believe that happy chickens and humans learn faster and better.

Science based training

Not only is this training lots of fun, but it is also based on scientific principles. Our instructors study the latest animal learning research and apply it all the training.

Teach your chickens in just a few minutes per day

This training only takes a few minutes a day. Your chickens will actually learn faster and enjoy the training more if you teach them in very short sessions.

Supportive and fun community

We provide a members-only Facebook group that is supportive, friendly and fun. You will feel confident to share your ideas and ask questions about anything.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely! The best way for your chickens to learn is in short, regular training sessions – five minutes per session, a couple of times a day is perfect.

But even if you only see your chickens once a day you can still make good progress.

No. Everything is online. You can access the course and group whenever and wherever you want. You can watch the videos and participate in the group from home or take the course with you when you visit your chickens on your mobile phone or tablet.

Inside the online course, you’ll have access to step-by-step videos of chickens learning tricks from the very beginning. 

You will be able to follow along with your own chicken.

Our members say these videos are very helpful.

Plus you will get lots of guidance from our experienced trainer in the private Chicken Tricks Facebook group.

Most of the training is designed for adults.  We cover concepts that may be hard for children to understand eg. chicken behavior and learning theory.  However, we have several members that are working through the course with their child. 

Yes.  We welcome chicken folks from all around the world!

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We also offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.


We believe you and your chickens will love the Novice Chicken Trick Trainer Challenge. But we want to make sure you are very happy. Take 7 days to review everything. If for any reason you aren't totally happy, just contact us within 7 days of purchase and we will provide you with a full refund. No questions asked.



Only available if you join this month
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  • Instant access to the Novice Chicken Tricks Course
  • Step-by-step training for novices
  • 30-days support in the members-only Facebook Group
  • Guidance from our experienced instructor
  • 7-day money back Guarantee


If you have questions about absolutely anything please contact us.
We are here to help you and your feathered friends 🙂